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Addon T10 gen2

A multi-talent with a single purpose.


Addon T10 Generation 2 is massive wireless sound delivered in style. With dual audio inputs, USB for charging smartphones and an output for a powered subwoofer, together with a powerful deep bass and a crystal-clear treble, the speaker is designed with one purpose in mind; to give you pure joy and entertainment.


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Play nice

Music should be felt, not just heard. Our engineers have optimized the acoustic design to render stunning dynamics, deep bass and acoustic pressure in abundance.
Power at the tip of your fingertips,
so be nice.

Android Magazine

“Without doubt one of the best audio experiences we’ve encountered.”
Verdict: Testwinner

Genuine materials

With handle made out of genuine leather and details in solid aluminium, the design is simple yet solid.

Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0

Addon wireless speakers use the latest Bluetooth ® 4.0 standard for best sound quality and transmission. You can play your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth devices; iOS ®, Android ®, Windows Phone ® and Mac / PC.

Ace-Bass Power

Addon T10 may be compact, but the sound and bass will knock your socks off. With the Ace-Bass switch you can control the level of bass prefered.

Technical Specification
Addon T10 gen2

Digital Class D amplifier, 2x20W + 40W
2 x ¾” textile dome tweeter
1 x 5.25” woofer


Bluetooth standard V4.0
Aux In 3.5mm stereo


45 – 22.000Hz
Selectable Ace-Bass level:


HxWxD: 166 x 320 x 180 mm


USB for charging devices
(DC OUT/max 5V 1000mA).
RCA Sub output

8 reviews for Addon T10 gen2

Good feature, but modest sound quality


It sounds like old furniture; lacks of dynamics and transparency in low/mid volume especially mid and high frequencies! Very good bass in mid/high volume.

Doron Helfman

Beautiful design, quality build and amazing sound for the rice. Highly recommended.

Pietro Fontana

Great – I also have two audio pro a4-14 and they are great!


Amazing sound. Purchased on sale and couldn’t be happier. You can fill a LARGE room with full sound on this thing! Build quality is top-notch as well.

Michael A.

This system is an astounding technical achievement. It’s not just the amount of low frequency information but how controlled it is; nimble, clean. The midrange is luscious (piano!), and the treble never fries your ears off. Cymbals always sound like cymbals; never like static. That all of this comes in something smaller than a shoebox is just crazy sauce. Remember folks, when you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker, do you really need a battery? I don’t and that “battery money” that I didn’t spend, went into components. I can not recommend this product highly enough.


This speaker is the shit. I bought this guy and a Sonos speaker to compare and the T10 won hands down. The lows of the bass were far superior than that of the Sonos. Plus the design is way hotter. Thanks Audio Pro! Can’t wait to purchase more of your products.

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