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The loudest playing multiroom speaker.

Sometimes nothing beats loud. Drumfire delivers a pure, bold sound with super crisp details. You will physically feel every little part of your music. But loud isn’t everything, even listening at low levels, Drumfire will make your music come alive. As the Drumfire is a multiroom speaker, group two of them in a left/right setup and the concert will be on stage in your home, literally. This speaker will fill large rooms easily, and knock your socks off.


850 $
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(16 reviews)
All rooms liberated

Have a speaker in every room and play to one or all at the same time. Everybody can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want. Play from internet streaming services, from a computer or NAS in your network, or music on your phone. Group to play in stereo Left/Right setup.
All controlled by the App Of Simplicity.

The Audio Pro multiroom app

Download here
Play nice. Everywhere.

Multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play, set to left/right for stereo pairs. Play all together. Or not. You choose.

Music should be felt

The Audio Pro renowned sound quality is always present. Feel every detail in your music, physically.

All the music you need

Well, we don’t have every single little music service on the planet, just the ones that count.

Wifi Presets - Play direct

No need to start fiddling with your phone, just push and play. Save your favourite radio station or playlist to a button simply by pressing it while playing content.

Play anything wirelessly

Still love your vinyls? Is your CD-library packed with that special kind of music?
No problem.
Just connect your turn table or CD-player to a C5 or C10 speaker, and let the sound stream wirelessly to all the speakers in your setup. Old School is the New Cool.

Connectivity for all

With Airplay®, Spotify Connect® and Bluetooth® you can play all your music any way you like.

Technical Specification
Amplifiers & Drivers

300W total, Digital class D amplifier
(100W for top, 200W for subwoofer)
Tweeter: 2 x 1” textile dome
Woofer: 2 x 4.5” long throw
Subwoofer: 8" long throw


Wrapped in faux leather with handstitched threads.
Details in solid aluminium.


Top: Sub output


Wi-fi + Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, RCA and 3.5 mm stereo
Subwoofer: RCA in


Range: 45 - 22,000 Hz
Crossover: 2.500 Hz
Subwoofer range: 30-120Hz
Variable crossover: 50-120Hz
Variable phase: 0-180 degrees


HxWxD: 155 x 365 x 190 mm
HxWxD: 500 x 365 x 190 mm

Multiroom Functionality

Audio Pro Multiroom

Network Compability

802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz only

Streaming Features

Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay & Bluetooth

Audio formats

MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless

16 reviews for Drumfire

A one-trick pony: very enjoyable listening at moderate to high volume, but it cannot play at a low, yet still audible from 10 feet away, volume level for more than 20 minutes without going into standby mode. Per my conversation with the support team, at low volume, the Drumfire cannot detect a signal and will go into standby mode after 20 minutes. I understand that this speaker is marketed partly based on its ability to play music loudly, but for its price, the Drumfire should be capable of playing music uninterrupted at all volume levels.

Jingyang X.

Great product. First time got a broken subwoofer. Talked with US customer service and they shipped another one to me really fast. The second one I got worked perfectly. 5 stars for their service.

Audrey Solomon
Juha Kauhanen

Pleased with the SQ, having tested and listened several options.

David G.

The Drumfire speakers are superb in almost all respects. I purchased the very capable C10 a few weeks ago, and I fell hard for the sound and the design of the these Audio Pro speaker systems.

After testing and setting up a pair of these (in white) to stream wireless HD music from Tidal, I was sure this was another great find. The fit and finish are top notch. They easily translate Tidal Masters quality classical albums with precision.

I prefer a ruler flat response, and usually leave the EQ alone. After completing listening tests, I eventually dialed the treble down one notch, as they were a little bright. The powerful sub did not require a lot of dialing in to get the sound I was looking for.

I also had excellent results with the analog RCA inputs. This was one feature I had been looking for in a speaker like this – a true line level input without the weak cabling and sound leveling issues of the mini 3.5 mm socket. There is no digital trickery, so the audio on the line level input is very clean and lag free.

I was only disappointed in the somewhat low end quality of the sub cable. It was just sufficient for the task, and very ‘Radio Shack’. I replaced each with a $16 (on sale) short coax digital interconnect from WireWorld, and I it did tighten up the sub response, as well as looking a lot better.

Highly recommended if you have the space and the $$$ – though I did get them on the current price special, which made the deal even sweeter. I look forward to what other higher end offerings to come from Audio Pro.


I purchased 2 Drumfire units as well as a C10 and C3. There were three primary reasons I went with Audio Pro. The reviews on sound quality, the flexibility of being able to use airplay as well as other sources, and the multi-room capability and the ability to use the Drumfire’s as a left and right speaker. Unfortunately, they hit only one of the marks which is sound quality. What they don’t tell you up front is that you cannot use airplay and multi-room at the same time. Airplay will only work with a single speaker.

I watch allot of concerts that have video. These units do not work well as there is a noticeable sound delay between the audio and video. They do mention this in the manual, but if I had known audio delay was a feature I would not have purchased them. So, I am just using them as powered speakers now. I have my own DAC and hardwiring so the audio sync’s up with the TV.

I have all the same issues as others with the app. Its over-simplified and really doesn’t tell you what’s going on with the speaker especially when its telling you its playing but its not. It took me a while to figure out how its Wifi connection was working. It only uses your wifi to issue commands, but as far as its back-end streaming to other speakers if you are using multi-room it still appears to build its own network which (after sniffing it with a network analyzer) uses channel 1 all the time, so if you are in an area with heavy 2.4ghz usage on that channel the sound will be choppy. Again, after hardwiring it and changing them to just powered speakers, the performance is better.

There is also an issue with the C10 where it randomly shuts itself off even when there is sound actively going through it. I have to go back and turn it on constantly, which is very annoying. I will open a trouble ticket for this.

In summary, the sound quality once its setup and working is really nice. However, other than using them as powered speakers and basic bluetooth, I find all of the streaming technology worthless.


Glad I waited a few days to fill this out. When I first hooked it up (only the D-1 unit w/o the sub), the sound was a bit muddled – mid ranges especially were not distinct. But over 2-3 days, the sound improved noticeably – it now sounds great – wonder if speakers need a break in period. BTW, I ended up hooking the sub to a stereo in a separate room . The top half is plenty loud and has enough bass for my living room.

Jason C.

Bought on sale with an extra 10% off, very happy. The sub is a little more directional than I had expected, there is a sweet spot in front of it. Sub produces nicely detailed bass.
The combo is good, I can hear things that usually only show up on my high end studio monitors; mids are especially crisp. I am running one drumfire with sub center and using a pair of C10’s for R and L. A pair of drumfires would be awesome, but I don’t have money or space.

I have had no problems with speaker turning itself off at low volumes.

I am slowly converting the house from Sonos to AudioPro. I am a value customer, so as long as AudioPro maintains the current relationship, I’ll stay on this path. I don’t have brand loyalty. AudioPro is cheaper and has better sound quality. Sonos app is smoother looking and a little faster. I know folks get all whatever about this, but reskinning the app with a more modern look isn’t going to change the sound coming out of the speakers. I drive everything from Spotify anyhow, so I virtually never see AudioPro’s app. I just need it to work when I want to adjust stuff/change groupings. Same thing for the Sonos app – rarely use it. Sonos does have a quite superior combination of speech enhancement that actually works and night sound mode. If watching movies with the kids in bed on that combo is a big deal stay with Sonos. AudioPro doesn’t have anything for you there.

Setup issues are fixed. My first Addon C10 a few years ago you needed to ignore all the automatic stuff and connect directly to the speaker to give it the SSID for your wifi. Now adding a new speaker defaults to that and it just works.